Office Desks

Desks Made In House

We can design and make quality desks and work stations for the home, commercial offices and schools. All are made to measure, and available in different styles and finishes. This is because all of our bespoke furniture is crafted in house. So it is made specifically for you.

A new bespoke desk could freshen up an old office. Or it can just replace that old one that you’ve had for years. Desk space is very important in a office, so you need to make sure that you get one big enough for you to work on. Whether your desk space is used to sit your laptop or computer, hold your files and important documents, or a place to write. This space needs to be big enough for your work.

Most importantly in schools is providing desks big enough for children to perform all of the tasks you set them. This is important so they have plenty of space to work and learn. Because all of our desks are made in house and made to measure, then we can fit in plenty of desk space without compromising space in the room.

Our recent commercial work includes universities, solicitor’s offices and dentists. Therefore, we have experience in a wide variety of spaces.

Our Recent Projects